• 18th October 2010 - By Tricia

    Growth is slowing; there’s uncertainty in the markets. Sales are falling off. Is this the time to ratchet up your advertising and marketing outreach? Should you expand your PR push? Move into social media marketing? How fast should you move?

    Before you decide what to do, you have to know why. Speed in decision making is important – but must be founded on sound strategic thinking.

    Your public relations and marketing activities should be part of an overarching  plan that is shared widely across all functions and ties to business objectives. This plan identifies target audiences/stakeholders, key messages and timelines, resources and budgets, equipment, suppliers and other data. It should be developed close to the market and with input from stakeholders, especially customers and suppliers, to ensure that it remains relevant.

    Companies should also have an event- or issue-specific plan to handle a business crisis such as restructuring and layoffs, announce a new product or service, increase visibility for a specific accomplishment or address a short-term need. Speed is essential in working with decision makers and key implementers to identify target audiences, define key messages, actions and measurable targets in a framework that governs all engagement activities.

    Tricia Morley has developed and participated in strategic communications planning to support major transformations in global companies or to address event- or issue-driven issues. She can serve as thought partner, developer and implementer of a strategic communication plan for your organization. She can help you

    • Define the planning process, participants, goals and timelines
    • Establish priorities and accountabilities
    • Identify primary and secondary audiences
    • Create themes and messages
    • Define opportunities and implement tactics
    • Coordinate events and activities

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